A Song Of Hope

2020 turned out to be a pretty challenging year for all of us. I've been in Germany since December 2019 taking care of my mom who fell ill. It's been incredibly hard and strange to be back in the small town I grew up in and couldn't wait to get out of. Yet these times have taught me so much. I've learned to embrace and appreciate where I came from, I have grown so much stronger, doing things I never thought I'd be able to do. I became a nurse (for my mom) and it's been so rewarding being here with her to help her heal and cope.In that process I'm also healing my own wounds. While I didn't have much time or energy for the first 3 months, when the pandemic hit, I suddenly hit a creative high, like it was my duty to follow my calling. I started meditating, doing my daily yoga and during my long walks in the woods songs kept pouring out of me and I knew, the best way to help myself is to help others. The Song of Hope ( the working title) was born. I knew that I wanted some other talented artists to be part of this project and was thrilled to have singer/songwriter Robin Sandoval and Angela Sheik join forces, as well as Cher Closner Lane and the Soffe Kids.

Mark your calendar and spread the love. Release date is 05.22.2020


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