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European transplant Jacqueline Van Bierk is a versatile singer/songwriter/producer and tv composer with an edge, a unique voice and sound.


Jacqueline's always been a fan of pop music, a sucker for a great hook and powerful lyrics. Doesn't matter if it's metal or an ambient track.


It shows in JVB's music that she's got a love for the dark, ambient industrial sound as well as EDM in her veins. She says "I don't like to restrict myself to just one genre. If I feel dark, I'll go dark, if I feel like dancing I'll write a EDM/dance song. It all comes from me and represents who I am as an artist". 


Jacqueline has been singing her entire life, first in choir, than a top 40 band and some original rock bands but it wasn't until she started her electro pop metal band Otto's Daughter that she began writing her own music, finding her own unique style and sound. 


JVB was born for the stage and quickly got known for her theatrical, energetic and interactive live shows, leaving her mark in the NY/LA underground scene. Jacqueline has written, recorded and co-produced 3 full length albums and 2 EP's with Otto's Daughter.

Otto's Daughter toured the US and parts of europe, the band was given the LA Rocky's Awards for "Best Hollywood Band", "Best Female Fronted Band" and "Best Female Singer", recognized by Music Connections top 100 unsigned artists. All songs off the EP "The Becoming 001" have been featured on CW Network promos (Vampire Diary, Gossip Girl, 90210) MTV, Discovery and History Channel and many more.

The band played with Type O Negative, Celtic Frost, Theory Of A Deadman, Coil, The Dreaming, Funker Vogt and many others


Jacqueline decided to let the band go and focus on her solo career , composing music for film/tv (Oprah, Vice, Catfish, Nate Berkus, Dr. Oz and many more) and currently finishing up a brand new EP.

Jacqueline's mission is to inspire and motivate others. She's an animal lover  and advocate, owner of a pretty handsome guy named BOLT. She gives back by donating money to "Best Friends Animals Society" One of the best non-profit organisations out there, who's mission is to make all shelters in the US "Non-Kill" shelters.


Her favorite saying! "Everything is possible. Never Ever Give Up on your dreams!"

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