This form is for Event Planners, Promoters and Venues interested in booking JVB for upcoming festivals, club gigs, live solo performances,  DJ sets or her Burlesque act

I very much appreciate your interest in booking me, I consider myself a professional , respectful and reliable, I'm easy going, flexible and very grateful for every opportunity to perform, being part of a creative community.

What you can expect is more than just a show, it's an EXPERIENCE, an entertaining, stimulating, theatrical, interactive and fun live performance adding value to your event.


I create my DJ sets and live performance always aound the theme of the event, any suggestions and requests are welcome. 


For DJ gigs and solo live performance, besides discussed performance fee, which can be discussed and negotiated depending on event and budget:

- a round trip ticket to city of event

- transportation from and to airport and venue

- two meals a day and clean and secure accomodation for one.

- For Burlesque Act, the same as above plus the amount of performers (up to 5) 


JVB is a Vegetarian and prefers to eat a Vegan diet if possible, but vegetarian will do. (no meat)  Room temperature water, drink tickets are appreciated but not mandatory.

Green Room/Dressing Room:

Not mandatory but always great to be able to change at the venue and have a place to leave belongings, such as stage props, make-up and clothing.


Social Media:

Once the event is booked, I commit to promoting it on all my social media sites, doing live streams, youtube vlogs, heavily promoting the event and all involved. I appreciate cross-promotion, it benefits everyone. 

Please fill out the form below, include date, place and time of event and any important details.

Thank you, I look forward to working with you.



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