Song A Day In May

To some this may seem crazy, after all we strive for perfection, quality not quantity. However, in my experience, writing a song day is working the creative muscles. If you want to be great at something, you have to do it and be consistent. This is more like an exercise, just like going to the gym. Working on strength and flexibility. And I'm putting a timer on it. I give myself 30 minutes to write a song every day. The aim is not the perfect melody, rhyme or lyric. The aim is to allow creativity to flow through, to allow myself to suck, be silly, let whatever comes out come out. Allow myself to be imperfect, to express without censoring, questioning or doubting anything. The aim is to write from the purest place, not thinking about production. (that comes later) There are many ways to write a song, on guitar, by hearing street sounds, drums, there is no one approach. It's kinda like letting my dog off the leash in the park, giving him his 30 minutes of sniffing, exploring, playing, rolling in the grass and not having to listen to my commands. "sit", "down" or "no". Allow yourself to do something you love to do, put a time limit on it. Consistency is the key! Invite the Muse in.

I will be blogging every day for the entire month. I've got a super busy schedule but you know what? We either make time for the things that are important to us or we waste it away. The choice is always ours. Happy May!!!!



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